Host a Pit Stop

IMG_1159In 2017 we had over 75 Pit Stops on Bike to Work Day and we are always happy to see the number of pit-stops around the city continue to grow.

Thanks to all of the organizations and communities that have hosted pit-stops over the years and we hope that many of you will return again and again to make Bike to Work Day a continuing success.

Pit Stops are hosted by Bike Week volunteers, community groups and our corporate sponsors from 6:30-9:00 am on Bike to Work Day. The aim is to reach as many commuters as possible by ensuring Pit Stops are located on visible, busy commuter paths throughout the entire city — not just downtown. In March of 2018 we will begin registering pit-stops and in May 2018 we will launch our new pit-stop map of all the locations that have signed up at that point. We will keep it updated as more groups sign up and the number of pit-stops grow.

Please know that Bike Week Winnipeg will do our best to assist your organization in planning your pit-stop. Bike Week Winnipeg will provide a banner for your Pit Stop. We have limited resources to distribute supplies to your Pit Stop, so we ask that you arrange for transportation of supplies wherever possible. If you think that your organization would be a good fit for a Pit Stop, please contact our Pit Stop and Volunteer Coordinator at or sign up below.


Information for Pit-Stop Hosts

  • Bike Week is moving to make Pit-Stops more independent and as such we will not be providing food and beverages for all pit-stops. With over 50 pit-stops the coordination of food and beverages has become difficult and our hope is that pit-stop hosts will connect with local businesses, thereby providing more diversity and interest to the large number of pit-stops.
  • Bike Week will provide assistance and recommendations for pit-stop sponsors. We will be negotiating with some larger potential suppliers for food and beverages, however we are not guaranteed sponsorship and thus cannot guarantee that any products can or will be provided. If we are successful is negotiating with any suppliers (e.g. Tim Hortons, Starbucks, etc.) we will notify all pit-stop sponsors and provide contact information.
  • Bike Week asks that pit-stops consider providing a bike mechanic at their location. Mechanics only need to provide basic services like filling low tires and lubrication chains. Bike Week will provide the chain lubricant for all pit-stops. If you are unable to provide a mechanic as your location please notify our pit stop coordinator ( and we will do our best to provide a mechanic.
  • Bike Week asks pit-stop sponsors try to provide:
    • Advertising in their community prior to the event
    • A minimum of 2 volunteers to help run the pit stop
    • Water (preferably not bottled, but to fill up riders’ water bottles)
    • Food and snacks
    • Transportation of signage and snacks (bike trailer preferred)
    • 1 or 2 tables + chairs
    • Ideas to make your pit stop stand out (prizes, live music etc)
    • Bike mechanical assistance (fill tires, minor adjustments etc)
  • Please provide details of any promo, music, or prizes that you will be providing at your location so that we can promote these on our website.